Accessing a wellbore to identify and investigate downhole issues is a challenge in its own right. Gravity can only take a tool so far and restrictions may require additional force to overcome. Another challenge is how to accurately diagnose the problem and correctly identify a clear solution.

EV’s Optis® FibreCoil is a unique downhole camera and conveyance system that increases operating efficiencies by combining the benefits of fibre-optical data-enabled conveyance with state-of-the-art video camera technology. Through close technical collaboration with our partners, EV’s Optis® FibreCoil is custom designed to seamlessly integrate with existing optical bulkheads, ensuring seamless operation with standard operating procedures.

The downward facing full colour camera is fully protected and self-contained within its own robust running sleeve, providing an outer armour for the camera and enabling flushing capacity of up to two barrels per minute. These features allow the delivery of optically clear fluids directly to the camera’s viewpoint, providing full control over the downhole viewing environment and vivid, real-time visual information of the condition of the well.

Our advanced fibre optic video technology can stream live video from as deep as 25,000ft downhole to the surface with no delay. This transmission speed allows the smallest margins of movement at crucial depths to be identified and resolved; reducing risk of damaging either camera or completion. Additional built-in telemetry and sensors provide the viewer with wellbore inclination, high side indication, temperature and battery power status to enable complete control of the operation.

Applications include:

  • Obstruction Diagnosis
  • Fishing Evaluation
  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Pre-& Post Milling Inspection
  • Pre-& Post Scale Clean-up
  • Production Logging
  • Water, Gas, Oil or Sand Entry
  • Scale, Salt or Hydrate Identification



Optis Fibre Coil

EV’s Optis® Fibre Coil camera combines EV’s industry leading electric line cameras with Schlumberger’s ACTive™* coil tubing platform resulting in the unique offering of surface read-out, high quality video and images through fibre coil.

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